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Cody Business Applying for Grant

Written by on March 9, 2017

A local business is hoping for good news from the Wyoming Business Council today.

Wyoming Authentic Products is a local meat manufacturing company that sells Wyoming-grown beef snack sticks to over 6500 stores across the country, including Cracker Barrel and 7-11 stores nationwide. Because of their success, the company is nearing production capacity in their current building, so James Klessens with Forward Cody says that a 1.1 million dollar expansion project is being proposed to the Business Council in Casper today.

Klessens says that the company, owned by David Fales, has already received a grant from the Business Council to help grow their business to this point. Because of the company’s success, and their need for expansion, they are going back to the council, but not asking for the full 1.1 million dollars.

Klessens says that this expansion will add another 10 employees over the course of the next couple of years, in the form of sales people, administration and meat processors. He points out that the state of Wyoming will get a tenfold return on their investment, in the form of job creation, increased tax base, and other ancillary benefits to the economy.

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