Cody Police Department Seeks Info on Felony Bank Shooting

Cody Police Department Seeks Info on Felony Bank Shooting

Written by on August 30, 2021

The Cody Police Department is looking for whoever caused thousands of dollars of damage after firing shots and breaking windows at The First Bank of Wyoming.

Local law enforcement is enlisting the aid of residents in solving a crime. In this case, the Cody Police Department is looking for someone who fired shots at a local bank.

According to the Cody PD, someone fired shots at several windows on the north side of The First Bank of Wyoming at 1507 8th Street. The shots caused damages estimated at around $10,000.

It’s believed the shots came from a BB gun or similar caliber weapon. Initial investigation reveals the shots were fired from somewhere along Platinum Avenue – possibly from a vehicle – based on the angle and trajectory of the shots.

The exact time of the incident is unknown. However, Cody PD believes the incident occurred sometime between the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 21, and the morning of Monday, Aug. 23.

According to Cody’s ordinance, it is illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits. This also applies to any kind of air rifle, including paintball, pellet, and BB guns.

Cody Police Sergeant Beau Egger, the point-person for the investigation, says the culprit will face misdemeanor and felony charges for this act.

“They could definitely be facing, under city ordinance, discharging a firearm within city limits as well as an estimated felony property destruction as well,” Sgt. Egger says. “The one in city court would be a misdemeanor, but the amount of damage to the bank is probably around $10,000. So, it would be a felony charge.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to share it with the police – openly or anonymously.

The City of Cody website includes an Anonymous Crime Tips page. This form allows residents and visitors of Cody to send anonymous crime tips directly to the Cody Police Department.

The one-page form includes everything from the kind of crime committed to suspect descriptions and vehicle information. Your contact information may be voluntarily included in this form but is completely optional.

Public tips have been immensely helpful to Cody P.D. in the past. In particular, many residents have captured culprits in the act of committing crimes thanks to personal home security cameras.

Cody is currently participating in the ExP.A.N.D. (Electronic Protection Amplified Night and Day) security camera program. As part of this program, businesses and homeowners can register their security cameras with Cody PD at no charge. By doing so, local police officers will have access to those cameras during crime investigations.

Detective Scott Burlingame says program participants will not compromise personal information. Cameras show up on the program only as “dots on a map,” and CPD must receive business or homeowner approval before accessing the cameras.

If you have any information regarding the damage to The First Bank of Wyoming, please contact Cody Police Sgt. Beau Egger at (307)527-8700 or submit an anonymous tip on the city’s Crime Tips page.

You can learn more about the ExP.A.N.D. program by listening to this July 30 interview with Cody PD on Speak Your Piece with Darian Dudrick.

People Can Register Security Cameras with Cody PD


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