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Computer Science Bill Enhances Education

Written by on February 22, 2018

Computer science has been a talking point this week at the Wyoming Legislature.
Senator Hank Coe, who is chair of the Senate Education Committee, says that a bill that has been advanced to the general session would move computer science classes from the common core category of skills to the common core of knowledge, as part of the basket of goods offered to Wyoming high school students.
Coe says that means that computer science will now have more of an emphasis in the general education requirements for graduating students.

Coe says that while this is a positive note for the state, when it comes to the state’s budget crisis, he pointed out that there were no revenue-raising bills that came out of the House of Representatives last week. That was the last opportunity for any new bills to be introduced out of either branch of the legislature.
He says that the only relief for the state’s budget crisis that will come out of this year’s legislature will come from either cuts to existing programs, or diversions to and from various funds that have been created by the Joint Appropriations Committee.
He says the budget bill is up for final approval this Friday.

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