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Cost of Policy CKA Concern for Citizens, Board

Written by on January 19, 2018

The cost of a proposed policy that would allow employees of Park County School District 6 to apply for the option to carry weapons is causing concern for citizens and board members.
The Board of Trustees has been debating what they have named Policy CKA since September, after the State of Wyoming passed a law allowing schools to draft their own rules regarding armed staff on school grounds. Although there are some in the community who are in favor of the idea, as a first line of defense in the event of an active shooter incident, the vocal majority are opposed.
Among the concerns of citizens is the cost of the program, which many say has not been determined. However, at Tuesday evening’s board meeting, both Trustee Scott Weber and Superintendent Ray Shulte put the cost at between $1,000 and $2,000 for each staff member that would pass the rigorous application process. Weber, who is in favor of the policy, addressed the concerns of several members of the public who have criticized the board for not having hard numbers available regarding the cost.

Shulte added that should the policy pass, the school district’s insurance rates would not go up in reaction to the nature of the policy.
On the other side of the issue, several citizens have raised their concern in public forums and in formal comments to the board, that depending on how many teachers or staff members are approved to carry firearms, the money would be better spent on hiring another school resource officer.

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