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Filly Seniors Leading the Charge for Varsity Girls Swim

Written by on October 8, 2020

With just two weekends remaining in the regular season the Cody Filly Swim team is hard at work honing in their skills for the post season. Like track and field and cross country the more numbers you have on your roster the better you’ll be able to perform at state and this year the Cody Filly swim team boasts some great numbers, led by their five seniors. Earlier in the week we touched on Nyah Meier and Summer Holeman. Today, a look at their other three seniors: Emma Cook, Megan Boysen and Brylee Allred. Emma, who competes primarily in the 100 breastroke talks some personal goals with the end of the season looming.

“I’m definitely trying to improve my state time from last year. Definitely, just push myself, work hard, enjoy every day. So that’s fun.”

As for what the team is looking to accomplish, Emma says a conference title is a realistic possibility.

“For sure. So definitely, I think conference is definitely something we can get. We got second last year without divers, now we have three I think. Like I said, so many new state qualifiers, incoming freshman that just blow us away every meet. So that’s so fun and I’m just excited to see how we do.”

Megan Boysen, who competes in the 100 butterfly and backstroke goes on to talk about the season as a whole and givers her summary of the team up to this point.

“I think we started off really good this year. We have a much bigger team than we’ve had in the past. We’ve got a lot of good underclassmen coming in and we’ve had two swimmers move here from California, which we’re really grateful for. We’ve been able to do really well. Individually, we’ve had a lot of state qualifiers and then also as a team, we’ve won quite a few meets and our relays are looking really good. I’m excited to see how the rest of the season goes, how state and conference go for us with our larger team.”

Megan goes on to add why it is important to have big numbers on the roster and how that boosts the teams performance.

“Well, kind of the more people you have, even if they’re not like top placers, the more points they’re taking away from other teams and the more points you’re getting. Just the more people you have the better. We have a lot of strong swimmers, like state qualifiers and then a lot of people just taking away points from other swimmers.”

Brylee Allred is another senior who has been around the swim team for a long time as well and goes on to talk about what this senior class means to her.

“We have a really supportive class of seniors, which sometimes you don’t always get. We all work so well together and we’re all so positive and I think that we all like truly love swimming. Which I think is something that like, swimming is one of those hard sports so a lot of people find a love-hate relationship with it. We’re all just so invested in it and we’re always invested in each other too, which I think is good.”

Speaking of investments, Brylee adds exactly how everything is going to pay off.

“The Conference Title is definitely like right within our grasp. Like we can all feel it touching our fingertips. We’re all so excited. I think that for a lot of girls, their goals are to qualify for state, which is amazing. My freshman year we had eight girls qualified for state. Now we have over half of our team, which is absolutely amazing. We’ve watched this team evolve since we were freshmen and it’s absolutely exciting to all of us to see that the goal that we’ve been chasing for three years can finally, get it.

You can catch Emma, Megan, Brylee and the rest of the Cody Swim team back in action this weekend. Cody travels to Worland on Friday and Buffalo Saturday.

And to hear from Nyah Meier and Summer Holeman click here:

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