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Healthy Habits Start Small

Written by on April 3, 2017

Small steps lead to big results – that’s true when it comes to large projects or a complete turnaround in your health! Creating healthy habits are key to making lasting changes. I’m Wendy Corr, with your daily wellness tip!

If you want to turn your health around, you don’t have to make sudden, major changes to your lifestyle. Small steps, implemented over time, will result in a better quality of life faster than you would think! Here are just a few examples of healthy habits you can implement right now:

For starters, understand that exercise doesn’t have to be a big time commitment. Some studies show that short walks after dinner are more effective than long exercise sessions to help reduce fat and improve heart health.

Cut back on sugar.  It has no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats, and no enzymes, which makes it empty calories that have disastrous effects on our mind and body.

Don’t snack if you’re not hungry. Mindless eating can lead to weight gain and general unfulfillment – start cutting out unnecessary calories and you’ll start seeing lower numbers on your bathroom scale.

Eat whole foods as much as you can! Processed foods have been proven to cause inflammation and drops in mood and energy. Whole foods keep blood sugar levels in check and provide your body nutrition that it needs to function properly.

Drink water. Think about it – if plants wilt without water, we will too! Try keeping a large water bottle with you throughout the day and refill it every time you’re done.

A good habit to get into is to read labels on EVERYTHING, from food to cosmetics to shampoo. Items that we take for granted can negatively impact your health with toxic ingredients.

And finally, don’t skimp on sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause apathy, slowed speech, impaired memory and an inability to multitask. Aim for 6-8 hours a night.

Thanks for tuning in to Wellness with Wendy! I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, a mom, an entertainer and a radio personality – so finding balance is the key to my life. For more health and wellness news and advice, follow my blog on See you again next time for Wellness with Wendy!

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