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Meeteetse Visitor Center Moves to Vision Quest Motel

Written by on May 6, 2020

The Meeteetse Visitor Center is getting relocated.

As the result of recent hires and extenuating circumstances, the Visitor Center is moving from its current location – Big Horn Rodeo Circuit, 2005 Warren St, according to the Center’s Facebook page – to a large space in the Vision Quest Motel. Items from local artisans in the current building’s gift shop will be moved along with the visitor center operations. This move will reduce the rent and utility costs of the visitor center by at least 40%, allow it to remain open full-time, and extend their seasonal hours.

This move resolves several issues faced by the Meeteetse Visitor Center, mainly the essential task of hiring a full-time director. Kristen Yoder, appointed to the position temporarily in January, has now taken on the permanent, full-time position. But her family now owns and operates the Vision Quest Motel. Moving the visitor center to the motel will allow Yoder to manage both entities concurrently. This is one of many creative budget solutions that are being implemented or discussed in light of large monetary cutbacks and an uncertain tourism season due to COVID-19.

The board has already met and approved this measure, but this was not a sudden decision. TI has been discussed and meticulously reviewed for months. If anyone has questions or concerns, they are encouraged to reach out to Edward Porter, President of the Board of Directors. You can reach him at or by phone at (302) 275-5021.

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