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Mullen Fire Still Ablaze Despite Cold Temperatures and Snow

Written by on October 28, 2020

The recent cold weather and snowstorms have really proven just how strong and resilient wildfires can be.

The Mullen Fire has cooled down as a result of the recent weather but is still ablaze according to the Mullen Fire Information Facebook page.  Firefighters observed up to a foot of snow in some of the fire areas.

Warmer temperatures are in the forecast for the next week, but the fire is not expected to grow as a result of this.  Despite this, some areas still might experience smoky conditions and occasional flare-ups.

Part of the reason why the fire is still going is because Southeast Wyoming has been experiencing prolonged severe drought and as a result, fuel sources for the fire have been very dry for months. The Mullen Fire will likely not be fully extinguished until prolonged snowfall and cold temperatures have taken place.

In the meantime, fire personnel will continue to monitor the fire and work on suppression repair.

The fire is currently 176,878 acres in size.  Up to date information on the current state of the fire be found here:

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