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Senator McConnell Garnering Unwanted Attention

Written by on September 21, 2020

A group of protestors massed together in front of longtime Senator Mitch McConnel’s house in Kentucky on Saturday, September 19th. The collection of people held signs that read “No Ethics No Shame,” and “Ruth Sent us,” referencing the recent passing of long-time supreme court justice member Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

McConnell is an imperative part of the process in deciding whether President Trump will get to pick someone to replace the late Ginsburg on the Supreme Court before Election Day.McConnell obviously travels back and forth from his home state Kentucky to DC so it is actually unknown whether he was there on Saturday.

That may not matter as the “Poor Peoples Campaign” has now gathered a protest in both cities that will take place today, but maybe for an array of different reasons.

This group is more focused on what McConnell has done or maybe hasn’t done for public health during the pandemic. They plan to have caravans riding people around from location to location to keep the message clear and evident.

The Senator will also be fighting for re-election in November for the Kentucky seat. If McConnell is successful in that campaign it will be his seventh term, his first beginning in 1985.


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