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UXU Ranch Sign Stolen

Written by on June 9, 2020

Another sign stolen.

Keeping in line with a strange and discouraging pattern in 2020, more signs have been pilfered in Park County, this time from the UXU Ranch. On Thursday May 21st, the Park County Sheriff’s Office received a report regarding the theft along the North Fork Highway, in the area of 1710 North Fork Highway. The actual theft is believed to have been taken some time before May 19th. Replacement of the sign will cost around $650, so many are hoping for the sign’s return.

The North Fork Highway has been something of a nexus of sign theft this year. Just in April, the Park County Sheriff’s Office reported the theft of two Bureau of Land Management signs from the area of 3305 North Fork Highway, marking the beginning of the Four Bear Trailhead. That theft was and still may be under investigation as a felony, even though the signs were discovered along the Sunset Rim weeks later.

Anyone having any information on the theft of the UXU Ranch sign is asked to call Park County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 307-527-8700 or 307-754-8700.

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