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Stop the Advance of Chronic Disease

Written by on March 4, 2019

Americans today have every convenience – remote controls on everything, entertainment at our fingertips, and our favorite foods just an app away. We have the best of everything – but we’re sicker and heavier than we’ve ever been. I’m Wendy Corr, and in today’s Wellness Tip, I’m going to tell you how you can create a brighter, healthier future for yourself and your family.

Despite the fact that we have the most advanced medicine available to us, more Americans suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases than ever in the world’s history. The Centers for Disease Control notes that diseases such as heart disease, asthma, cancer and diabetes, are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. 133 million Americans – that’s 45% of the population – have at least one chronic disease, and chronic diseases kill more than 1.7 million Americans every year.

But why? In an era of advanced medical research and scientific breakthroughs, how can it be that we are getting sicker – and heavier – by the minute? One big obstacle is the fact that many Americans suffer from deficiencies in nutrients such as magnesium, and Vitamins C, D, A and E.

It turns out that the types of foods we as Americans consume are often over-processed, stripped of their vital nutrients in exchange for heightened flavor in the form of refined flours and vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup and other fake, junk foods.

How can we turn this boat around? By making better food choices. Focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats.

Prioritize eating plant-based fats. Get most of your healthy dietary fat from extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. And get enough protein, but not too much. Wild game, grass-fed beef, farm-raised chicken and locally sourced eggs are great options.

By managing stress levels, getting enough sleep and exercising daily, you can turn around the decline that many people experience, and live a healthier, happier, longer life.

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