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Treat Yourself Right!

Written by on March 17, 2017

What do you think of when you want to treat yourself? Maybe an ice cream cone or a piece of pizza, or two, or three…? Unfortunately, that sort of “treat” really doesn’t treat your body right!

I’m Wendy Corr, with your daily Wellness tip.

We all “treat” ourselves from time to time. Usually, though, that means ice cream while binge-watching netflix, or staying out too late and eating pizza or french fries. We “treat” ourselves when we go to the fair with a deep fried funnel cake or corn dog and cotton candy. How often have you “treated” your children or grandchildren to an ice cream cone, or a candy bar when you go to the store?

Why is it that when we “treat” ourselves, it usually means we eat unhealthy, sugar-laden or deep fried processed food?

That type of “food” only contributes to disease and illness, adding toxins to our bodies and slowing down our systems. Instead of a “treat” for our bodies, it actually contributes to obesity, diabetes, brain fog and in children, runny noses, weakened immunity and hyperactivity!

Shouldn’t we “treat” ourselves to delicious, nutritious food that our bodies will LOVE?

Next time you want to “treat” yourself, consider an apple with natural almond butter; or a delicious sweet potato drizzled with pure maple syrup! How about an oatmeal-raisin muffin made with honey, or a few sticky Medjool dates with a handful of walnuts?

Or take food out of the equation altogether. Read a book you’ve put off because you haven’t had time. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Sleep in. And when it comes to kids, what they really cherish is your time. Take them to the library and read together, go to the park and swing on the swings, or take time off work to just spend the day with them.

If you love your life and want to live long and with purpose on this earth, feed your body the fuel that it needs, get plenty of sleep, keep your body strong and fill your mind with positive thoughts!

Love yourself enough, believe in yourself enough, to treat yourself right!

Thanks for tuning in to Wellness with Wendy! I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, a mom, an entertainer and a radio personality – so finding balance is the key to my life. I love sharing tips and tricks to help you live your best life – so for more health and wellness news and advice, follow my blog on See you again next time for Wellness with Wendy!

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