Wyoming Reps & AirMedCare Relaunch of Air Medical Services

Wyoming Representatives Join AirMedCare to Announce Relaunching of Air Medical Services

Written by on April 22, 2022

AirMedCare Network celebrated the relaunching of Air Medical Membership Services at Choice Aviation in Cody with a ceremonial membership signing.

At the event, Wyoming State Representative Dan Laursen said, “After the passage of the 2021 Bill, which allows Air Medical Membership Providers to operate in the state once again without being classified as a type of insurance…we thought it would be easy sailing, but it wasn’t.”

On April 6th, 2021, House Bill 0007 was signed into law and permits air ambulance membership providers to do business in Wyoming without being considered a type of insurance. House Bill 0007 reverses legislation passed in 2019 that forced air ambulance “membership subscription plans” to be categorized as a form of disability insurance.

Wyoming Officials and AirMedCare Reps have a laugh with Senator Tim French


Representative Laursen went on to say, “With the continual fighting through red tape at the state level, AirMedCare and the citizens of Wyoming are finally the winners.” Wyoming GOP National Committeewoman Nina Webber shared Laursen’s enthusiasm, noting how AirMedCare was a great private option working to serve Wyomingites, adding that “government is not the answer.”

Marc Kilman-Burnham and Matt Strauss from Global Medical Response hosted the signing, which was attended by Wyoming State Representative Dan Laursen, Sentor Tim French, State Representative Rachel Rodriguez-Willams, and Wyoming GOP National Committeewoman Nina Webber. Mr. Burnham opened the ceremony saying, “It’s the worst feeling in the world to have to tell somebody, we can’t help you.”

The A-Star H125 Helicopter used by AirMedCare Teams

The AirMedCare A-Star (H125) Helicopters were on display, lead pilot Kevin Winters said of the aircraft’s functionality, “We can land in some pretty tight places.” Often, emergency medical service pilots find people by using night-vision to see “glowsticks,” which they can see from a mile away. Air ambulance services partner with Search and Rescue to answer scene calls, back country hunting injuries calls, and even motorcycle accident calls.

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