Cody Police Dept. Brings Back Coffee with a Cop

Cody Police Dept. Brings Back Coffee with a Cop

Written by on March 22, 2022

With COVID-19 cases down, the Cody Police Department brought back one of its most relaxed and important community outreach events: Coffee with a Cop.

Once again, local cops spent a morning chatting with Cody residents in a relaxed setting. The occasion marks the return of one of Cody’s most important ways to sit down and talk with the community.

Coffee with a Cop Program is designed to bring police officers and the community together in an informal, neutral space. During the event, attendees can discuss community issues and build relationships and understanding of law enforcement while enjoying coffee and donuts.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, ten members of the Detective Division of the Cody Police Department attended Coffee with a Cop at the Absaroka Senior Living Center. It’s the first time the event has been held at the senior living community in two years due to the pandemic.

Cody P.D. took the opportunity to share a Scam Prevention Presentation with Absaroka residents to better prepare them for increasingly deceiving phone scams.

Detective Sergeant Trapp Heydenberk updated the C.P.D. Scam Prevention Presentation with the most comprehensive and current information available. The presentation was specifically adapted for the benefit of Absaroka Senior Living Center residents.

The purpose of the presentation was to provide thought-provoking information relating to scams to elicit meaningful conversations with both residents and staff of Absaroka. Hopefully, these discussions will give everyone a better understanding of the current trends and methods of scammers so they can protect themselves.

Scams continue to grow in sophistication and frequency. In the last year, several scams were reported where a caller pretended to be a city agency (or, in one instance, a Park County Sheriff’s Deputy) threatening to arrest residents or cut off their utilities unless they paid “outstanding fines”

Hopefully, Absaroka residents will be more comfortable and willing to report potential scams to the C.P.D. or Park County Sheriff’s Office. At the very least, residents should feel more comfortable asking for help if they suspect a scam.

Absaroka Cody Police Scam Presentation

Courtesy Cody Police Department

Coffee with a Cop is available to all Cody residents and any organization willing to host the informal but important outreach event.

If you are interested in hosting a future event or have any questions regarding these events, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Police at 307-527-8723.

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