Cody Weather Freezes Sheridan Ave Construction

Cody Weather Freezes Sheridan Avenue Construction

Written by on February 15, 2021

There are several weather-related obstacles for Cody traffic to avoid on the Greybull Hill – but construction barrels won’t be among them for another week.

Cody’s sudden turn into sub-zero temperatures has delayed the intended start of the final phase of the Sheridan Avenue rehabilitation project. WYDOT announced that the intended start of Phase 3 of the project – Tuesday, Feb. 16 – has been postponed due to the well-below freezing temperatures that gripped Cody last week and may continue into the rest of February/.

17th Street won’t be partitioned off just yet.

“Construction” begins on Monday, Feb. 22. Until then, traffic patterns on 17th Street will remain the same.

The west side of the intersection of Stampede Avenue and 17th Street will be restricted down to one lane in each direction. Traffic will be carried on the west side until construction reaches Stampede Avenue. The speed limit will be reduced to 20 mph and no left turns will be allowed through the work zone.

By this point, it should be a “road well-traveled” for Cody drivers. Construction has proceeded this way since the beginnings of the Sheridan Avenue rehabilitation project in March 2020.

Work remaining for 2021 includes the following:

  • Replacement of broken curb and gutter, double gutter, double gutter, sidewalk, and concrete pavement from Alger Avenue through Stampede Ave.
  • Grinding and Texturing from East Sheridan Avenue through Stampede Ave.
  • Cleaning and sealing concrete joints from 14th Street through Stampede Avenue.
  • Sodding areas at the Cody Good to Go, Holiday Inn, and Antler Inn to occur later this spring.

Weather is the determining factor for the work that will be completed between Draw Street and Stampede Avenue. Concrete tends not to set well in snow and cold, so WYDOT and primary contractor S&S Builders are giving Cody time to warm up before they begin the next phase.

Phase 3 will conclude – regardless of progress – on June 15.

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