Yellowstone Confirms Colorado Springs Man Injured by Bison 

Yellowstone Confirms Colorado Springs Man Injured by Bison

Written by on June 29, 2022

Yellowstone National Park releases additional information on the victim of a brutal bison attack near Old Faithful captured on film and trending online.

On Tuesday evening, Yellowstone officials sent a press release confirming a 34-year-old male from Colorado Springs, Colorado, was gored by a bull bison. The incident occurred near Giant Geyser in the Old Faithful Geyser Basin on June 27.

The entire attack was filmed by another park guest and posted on Reddit. Since then, the video has gone viral and has been covered by many major news outlets.

According to the park, the male was walking with his family on a boardwalk when a bull bison charged the group. Amazingly, family members did not leave the area, and the bull bison continued to charge and gored the male.

The video shows one of the family members unsuccessfully attempting to stop the aggravated animal with bear spray. Furthermore, the adult male saves a small child that ran into the path of the bison.

The male sustained an injury to his arm. He was transported by ambulance to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

This incident remains under investigation, and park officials say “there is no additional information to share.”

Courtesy National Park Service & Jim Peaco

This is the second reported incident in 2022 of a visitor getting too close and being gored by a bison.

On May 30, a 25-year-old Ohio woman was tossed and gored after approaching a bison on a boardwalk in the Black Sand Basin. She was also transported to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and survived the incident (despite initial reports to the contrary.)

Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park are wild and can be dangerous when approached.

When an animal is near a campsite, trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area, give it space. Stay more than 25 yards (23 m) away from all large animals – bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and coyotes – and at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves. If need be, turn around and go the other way to avoid interacting with a wild animal in proximity

Courtesy National Park Service

Bison are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans.

Read more about safety in the park, including how to behave around wildlife.

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