Sheridan Avenue Phase 3 Construction Delayed Another Week 

Sheridan Avenue Phase 3 Construction Delayed Another Week

Written by on February 22, 2021

Another week, another delay on Sheridan Avenue – but not the type you might be thinking of.

WYDOT has announced another delay to the beginning of the final phase of the Sheridan Avenue rehabilitation project. This is the second delay to the work in 2021.

Freezing temperatures prevented construction from resuming on the intended start date: Tuesday, Feb. 16. Rather than try to fight the snow and ice, it was decided to wait to begin construction and wait to section off the road until Monday,  Feb. 22.

Now, current weather and road conditions are once again not ideal to resume road work. Traffic on 17th Street will be uninhibited this entire week.

Construction is now scheduled to begin on Monday, March 1, 2021.

Another delay is possible but next week’s weather will determine that. WYDOT is monitoring the forecast and will likely announce its plans before the end of the week.

Phase 3 of the project will completely rehabilitate 17th Street between Alger and Stampede Avenues. That work will replace broken curb and gutter, double gutter, double gutter sidewalk, and concrete pavement.

When this work begins, traffic will be carried on the west side until construction reaches Stampede Avenue. The speed limit will be reduced to 20 mph and no left turns will be allowed through the work zone.

The final steps will be grinding and texturing Sheridan Avenue from East Sheridan to Stampede Avenue, and cleaning and sealing concrete joints over the entirety of the Sheridan Avenue project.

Last year’s mild fall and early winter weather gave primary contractor S&S Builders a head start. Road crews were able to get as far as Draw Street before suspending construction in mid-December.

Phase 3 will end – regardless of progress – on June 15.

Phase 4 is planned to finish off anything that can’t be completed in Phase 3, although all parties involved want to avoid Phase 4 if possible. S&S Builders gets a $400,000 bonus if they complete the entire project by the Phase 3 deadline.


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